Again I gave it a retry and this time I liked it. Based on the hype and the notes, I bought a medium bottle about 2 years ago. Anyone have any recommendation for something more masculine than this but still has some sweet or floral undertones. The fragrance is relatively linear, all opening notes with the exception with the bergamot, continue into the dry-down. What would you do for it? We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Ma- ri- a! To me this is just pure class, so classy and classic, smells beautiful. Mor~-tis~ no~ -strae~ La fille du père Noël - Dutronc - Tablature guitare Day tripper - version Whitesnake (Beatles) Tablature La Nuit je mens – Alain Bashung (cello) Partition Violoncelle Je suis là - Louis Delort - Partition tablature guitare Comme un tab It's definitely one of my favourite scents of all time (on par with Layton). Bm La nuit je mens, G Je prends des trains a travers la plaine... Bm La nuit je mens, G Je m'en lave les mains... Em A J'ai dans les bottes des montagnes de questions, Em Ou subsiste encore ton écho G Em Bm Ou subsiste G At the end of the day 1 fragrance has stuck out like no other YSL La Nuit de l'Homme. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal But I was too young and too dumb at that time so I didn't buy backup bottles. Stupid old me! It becomes a skinscent in like 20-30 minutes which is unfortunate. I have a question for the owners of 2019 production batch of La Nuit de l'Homme . I feel like the cedarwood that is used here makes it quite dusty and it makes it feel outdated (Maybe a change with the cedarwood would be a good idea) Regarding points. Lets start with the opening. I am lucky enough to own all three formulations of this fragrance (2011,2014,2018) and id say the best way to describe them is that the 'Vintage" is overhyped and the Latest batch is overhated. Almost vanilla spice in the undertones. The major downside is its performance. Do-mi-nus~ te-cum But yeah it is a good business modell, because you need 150 ml each month. Смотри онлайн или скачивай. Harmonica Tabs Website share tabs for Free – Our goal is to have a website where everyone can find and share all of their Harmonica Tabs in one central location. Bought this as a date night fragrance. The transition to the dry down takes 3 hours minimum, and it doesn't become a skin scent until your 8-10 hours in. I want to spend money in something meaningful and I do not pay a big amount difference to reputable stores to guarantee the fragrance authenticity and it ends up with a super poor performance product. So for those that complain about the projection or longevity,,, get like me and spend $100 on the 6.7oz and go nutz on the trigger!!!! Most complimented and my personal favorite, so it’s a no brainer. The performance and projection is good, about 6 hours in a personal aura that invites to come closer to delight the senses. I was told the ladies loved it so i decided i would pull the trigger. ! will thank me later. My daddy deserves to smell beautiful beacause he is a beautiful man inside and out. This is perfect for the office especially in the cooler months. It is so alluring and seductive. I cannot stop smelling it! It does start of spicy but settles down to a sweet-woody and musky and powdery scent which is outstanding. Présentation soignée et belles photos. Great fragrance, perfect for date nights. This is made for an intimate encounter for sure. The scent is so good, I'm hoping parfums vintage or alexandria cloned this well so I can wear it for more than an hour. first time I smelled la nuit, i was new to the fragrance game and it was different from the sweet invictus/eros types of frangrances i had liked in the past. And I am most pleased to have been convinced by their overwhelmingly-positive feedback and blind bought this one. Good stuff. Ultimate Guitar Pro is a premium guitar tab service, available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Piste 1 - Acoustic Guitar (nylon) Track difficulty (Rhythm) Ma- ri-~ a! For me it's a fragrance with polarized features with a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses. guitar pro. It’s exactly the same as any Hugo Boss or Diesel fragrance and it lasts about ten minutes. Fruc-tus ven-tris ven-tris tu-i La Nuit Je Mens Guitar Pro (ver. I am I tried a sample over the weekend and was left with pleasantly exceeded expectations. What have folk been smoking? Ppl love the 2018 when I wear it. La Nuit Je Mens Tab by Alain Bashung with free online tab player. So glad I didn’t get a full bottle of this. I am just a noob in fragrances but I think the pros are perfectly right, this one is most appropriate for date nights and special night-time occasions, thus it's apt name. The fragrance feels cozy, gentle, inviting, mild, modern, nicely blended, relaxing, romantic, masculine, warm, soft woody, and very pleasant. YSL should release an EDP or Parfum version, it would sell like hotcakes. You're better off going with Alexandria's Hombre Noir. Am I the only one that thinks this stuff smells like straight up baby powder? 1 spot together with Dior Homme Parfum in terms of scent. I’m sure reformulations play a big part in this, as LNDL practically fades to a powdery lavender and cardamom skin scent at an alarmingly fast rate. A remarkably unique fragrance that starts with sharp crisp freshness before the truly elegant and mysterious touch of the heart sets in. -6 -6 -7 7 8 7 6 5 -4 -6 -7-6 Smells nice but not the pure perfection. Review for Vintage (Original 2010) formulation: I gave Le Nuit to my father as a gift. this is something perfect for intimacy or date night and i highly regard it. Excellent fragrance, its inviting its pleasant i cant get enough . 7 -7 7 8-8 7 -8 8-8 7-7 -6 -7 7 Two neck and each wrist. 2009 batch. Kaufen Sie die Instrumentalversion des Songs und laden Sie herunter La nuit je mens das durch Alain Bashung bekannt wurde MIDI Karaoke Vertige de l'amour Alain Bashung. ALAIN BASHUNG - La nuit je mens 24 Ko v. 1 23 sept. 2010, 01:39 Antoine BALLERIN Ċ ALAINBASHUNG-Vertigedel'amour.pdf Afficher Télécharger ALAIN BASHUNG - Vertige de l amour 35 Ko v. 2 23 sept. 2010, 02:28 7-7 7 8 -8 7 -8 Watch Queue Queue je repasse pour moi uniquement les tablatures diatonique en chromatique par amusement quand on aime on ne compte pas, la position des notes n'étant pas la même sur chromatique c'est tout. Chords and tablature aggregator - when i spray it i instantly get that blast of cardamom and lavender that lasts for around an hour before it blend with some woody notes and a hint of veviter. La nuit je mens (Bashung) G : 355433 Bmsus4 : X24430 Asus2 : X02200 Em : 022000 Bm : X24432 Bm/A : X04432 A : X02220 F#m : 244222 G Em On m'a vu … In my honest opionion, if you really want this frag, search for the 2009-2012 versions...yes the newer ones smell similar but the performance 2012 bottle is a 10/10 hands down in every category. are around us 24/7. la nuit de lhomme is a beast!! Never smelled anything quite like it at that time. I am always surprised by how good this is and many women seem to enjoy it. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. Mediocre scent. Instead you get a semi-sweet cardamom that leads to a delicious and creamy drydown of vetiver and cumin. [G B Em A Bm E F# D] Chords for La nuit je mens / Cachemire / hommage à A.Bashung with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. I am actually new to this Fragrance game. Especially when I wear it in winter I absolutely feel Heavenly feel of the perfume. Some of these notes are found in scents like LNDL. It is a very sexy scent and highly recommended for dating ;) as a skin scent . Ma-ri- a O- ra-pro no~-bis Very comforting and calming smell, very well blended. I got a new bottle of this and I have to say this is absolutely amazing! It's airy but it's simultaneously pulls you in. This is so nice scent, all these reviews are true. This perfume will instantly boost your sex appeal without the strong punch (Ex. for me it's the sexiest men's fragrance ever. I love this scent and my wife as well. I've to carry a bottle and apply in every 2 hours. It would be great as a date scent with one caveat - It must be the kind of date where you'll be close together. Glad I was able to find a new bottle. Please don't tell me I will ever have to use the phrase "perfumery is dead". Will buy a full bottle of this. Even more attractive is its performance, great longevity of minimum 8hrs and projection is just perfect. -Je-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ su I love this fragrance soooooooo much but the performance is pretty bad. Comparing Parfums Vintage Suave and YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, they both feel very similar, both the cardamom and lavender main accords are similar in performance and potency, Parfums Vintage Suave lasts a bit longer than YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, but both fragrances project similarly. Ma-ri- a O- ra-pro no~-bis Tried a sample of this one last year. I get the aromatic & a little spicy sweet. @ErinLarrson hit the nail on the coffin for this fragrance with her comment. Look how they massacred my boy. I think i will stick to my original L'homme for night wear too. I have taken from Bach, Gounod and Schubert. Accueil › Partition & tablature › Guitare › Alain Bashung › La nuit je mens Ce site utilise des cookies pour personnaliser le contenu et la publicité, offrir des fonctionnalités relatives aux … J'ai volontairement abaissé la tonalité d'origine d'un ton afin de pouvoir jouer ce morceau sur un harmonica accordé en Do. The atomizer was broken but I was still able to pour a few drops of the fragrance. Could not figure it out the reason. Blind buy for me, as I read this was one of the safest blind buys out there. I think shame for new formulation... bought it for my boyfriend. I just happened to stumble upon this fragrance the other day while sniffing around at the store. Только лучшее. however the performances are average but man it's mystical scent ...... love forever and ever ...... 2019 April batch. Smooth. Lasts a bit longer too but the new one is close enough where I wouldn’t worry about getting a vintage bottle. Tryo – Serre moi - 181 vues 62. Still the best sexy scent in my opinion. This is beautiful! No- bis pec-ca Tor- ri- bus Good Job Fragrantica hiding all the current reviews all the way at the bottom of the page so people get hyped up off the popular reviews from years ago, and go out buying this Reformulated Garbage thinking it is still the same Angelic fragrance from years past. Gra-ti-a ple-~ na New formulation smells 90% similar as vintage , but it only performs as 20%. After seminal and legendary scents like Kouros, Cinema, Opium, Jazz, Paris and Rive Gauche how we can accept a trite fragrance like Le Nuit De L'Homme? Agree with those who call it powdery. It smells better, projects a lot more and lasts 12+ hours. La Nuit is one of the best I've smelled in the fragrance world and I feel good when I wear it! 6 5 5 -6 -3’ -6 4 -6 -7 5 the sweetness of the bergamot giving this a much needed lift of freshness. Jan 5, 2017 - Отборная коллекция русского порно видео. Meh. It smells like Cardimom and Lavender. I'm late to the party, I tried a decant of LNDLH yesterday for the first time, and let me say this is a very nice and long lasting fragrance. Yes the earlier years last a bit longer and have just a bit of that 'it factor' which is hard to describe unless you smell them side by side but not enough difference for me to tell someone who is thinking about buying a bottle not to. To me its close enough to One Million, Givenchy Pi and others. 10/10. Spray it on clothes! 8 -8 -8 -7 6 7 8 9 8 7 -8 I love the scent of it, quite masculine, youthful, and versatile! Tablature : accords, paroles G x1 Em x1 On This is not a review, I was just wondering if to compensate for poor performance one could spray once every two hours after an initial 8 sprays? Oh and by the way, to the gentleman who left the review below, recommending that you wear this to a job interview if the interviewer is female... NO NO NO!!!! Lasts long enough for an evening. Bothers my nose. Luxurious creamy velvetty spice. latest formulations have taken away the zest from this magnificent fragrance & doesn't have the longevity of earlier formulations maybe because it's too popular?? Perfumes: 63080 Pleasant? This has to be one of the best smelling colognes I have ever worn honestly.